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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's great you figured that out. you're a little slow. >> bake sales. who knew they were a problem for our kid and their schools. i did not think about it. >> it's a problem for working mothers. >> once we get to pot brownies at the bake sales, everything will be back. >> if it's way too early, it's "morning joe" of course. now it's time for "the daily rundown" with the great chuck todd. baghdad bracing for war. al qaeda-inspired militants are closing in on iraq's capital city. as president obama weighs military options and lawmakers begin to point fingers. ahead i'm talk to iraq's ambassador to the united states and an iraq combat veteran who serves in congress. plus syria's civil war is now impossible to untangle from the escalating war in iraq. hillary clinton tells cynthia mcfadden why she and the
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president disagreed on syria. >> and competition heats up for the number three leadership spot. and are the tea party conservatives just going to let him walk in to the spot? >> this is "the daily rundown." let's start with my first read of the morning and the nightmare in iraq. tens of thousands of now in control of huge parts in the country and are moving towards baghdad. they seized two more towns near the border of iran. inside towns like mosul, sharia law has been put into place. embassy personnel in baghdad is staying put for now.
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the prime minister of iraq, nuri al maliki, called on the towhit house to consider air strikes. the president said all options are on the table. >> i don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure the jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either iraq or syria for that matter. >> iraq is facing a brutal enemy that also poses a threat to america's interests and to the interests of our allies in europe and in the region. given the gravity of the situation, i would anticipate timely decisions from the president. >> that's john kerry starting to make the case for military action there. of course he's been down that
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road before. but time may be running out in iraq. john mccain said the militants are arranged in military formations. in most cases the iraqi security forces have simply given up, handing over their weapons to the enemy. that's what caught even the united states float footed. it's how easily the iraqi forces have laid down their arms and now they've looted banks of millions of dollars. senator graham says the worst may be to come. >> the iraqi army is in shambles and without some kind of intervention, baghdad is definitely in jeopardy and most of the sunni areas are iraq will be run by isis and they will join forces with those -- with their colleagues over in syria.
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and i worry about the king of jordan, i worry about lebanon being next. >> by the way, the irony here, iran may be the most helpful country to the united states' interests right now with what's going on in iraq. but let's move on. at this hour the country itself appears to be devolving into a sectarian civil war. you have the northern oil city of kirkuk has been taken over be the kurds. in an odd twist, iran is sending its own elite forces which is now, by extension, fighting on the side of the united states. on thursday president obama met with his national security team to discuss the options available in iraq. so far the su.s. is pledging moe than $25 million in humanitarian aid to the region. while the option of air strikes is on the table, ground strikes
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are not. if ordered, those strikes could probably happen relatively quickly given all of the military personnel and care years we have in the region. the administration knows it has to do something but what will that something be? that's the open question. meanwhile the president is taking heat from republicans who say he dropped the ball twice, once when he withdrew u.s. troops in 2011 and when he failed to see the current situation coming. >> it's not like we haven't seen over the last five or six months these terrorists moving in, taking control of western iraq. now they've taken control of mosul. they're a hundred miles from baghdad. and what's the president doing? taking a nap. >> then the question arises. could all this have been avoided? the answer is absolutely yes. please learn the lessons. i say to the president of the united states, get a new national security team in place. you have been ill served by the
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national security team and the decisions that you have in place now and the decisions that you made. >> of course the other side of that argument has to do with whether we should have ever gone in in the first place. 4,4 77 americans are killed during the long war in iraq, 32,000 were wounded. when president obama ran for office in 2008, ending the war in iraq was at the top of his agenda. he ran for reelection having delivered on that promise. "ending the war in iraq, a promise kept." >> when i am commander in chief, i will set a new goal on day one. i will end this war. . operation iraqi freedom is over and the iraqi people now have the lead responsibility for the security of their country.
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in the coming days, the last american soldiers will cross the border out of iraq with honor and with their heads held high. >> but today isis is threatening the very government the americans fought to establish and officials warn they could soon threaten the united states itself. >> these are al qaeda-minded individuals. they would kill americans in a heart beat. we need to interrupt that momentum. >> richard engel has been in the region for 18 years. here he is with more of what's going on on the ground. >> we are about 30 miles of the city of mosul. the center is still held by islamist, sunni extremists and the mayor of mosul just told us isis militants have begun to impose sharia law, islam being
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hardline law in the city of mosul, so being imposed in the second largest city in iraq. they issued an edict, coming out into the street and reading an order saying women must wear the veil, no other militant groups will be allowed in the area and other forms of islam are prohibited. the militants' goal tactically seems to be baghdad now. militants from isis overnight took a city 40 miles from the edge of baghdad. it's unknown whether they'll move right away or accumulate more weapons and money. they have accumulated about $400 million stolen from the central bank of mosul. that would make this group perhaps the best armed and certainly the richest terrorist
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group in the world. the government in baghdad fears an assault is coming. nuri al maliki says he has a plan but nobody know what is it is. they are using loudspeaker to tell their faithful, to tell shiites to come and collect their weapons. the governor is calling on anyone willing to fight the militants to come and join the iraqi army, but so far the iraqi army has not been willing to fight, not been willing to fight for maliki or this central government seems to be crumbling here. >> that's the issue here, maliki, maliki, maliki, how much did he form what's happening.
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. with iraq potentially on the verge of a civil war again, the obama administration is facing accusations that today's violence has its roots in the president's decision to pull all of the troops out of the country two and a half years ago. >> the fact is we had the
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conflict won and we had a stable government but the president wanted out and now we are paying a very heavy price. i predicted it in 2011. can you go back and look at the quotes. >> but hillary clinton, who was serving as secretary of state at the time of the withdrawal place the iraqi government. >> at the end of the day the maliki government would not agree. the decision was made in effect. there could not be americans troops left without such an agreement. >> joining me now, iraq's ambassador to the united states. ambassador, thanks for being on. >> thank you, chuck. >> what is exactly the maliki government asking for? >> we have been asking for some time, activating -- arming our
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military, other yaareas of operation. >> what kind of military support do you need from the united states besides intelligence? >> we need to increase the training, we need to increase counterterrorism. we need to have some supremacy of the air, better prediction of the terroristic threat to iraq. and this is where the united states have the experience and we know we can see now they have the world. >> why are your forces dropping their arms? >> this is an issue we're looking at. again, we see what are the causes of the situation in mosul. what lessons can be learned. we are restructuring our military structure accordingly and we're also asking for populous support. >> i want you to respond to secretary clinton that there was a will by the united states to leave a residual force behind ash stabilizing force for ten years and the government said no. any regrets. >> if my memory serves correctly, at that time there was a mutual agreement at that
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time not to have it. >> you believe it was mutual. there was a negotiation, was there not? the united states was willing to do it if -- >> there was an abrupt u.s. departure and the will of the -- >> you believe the u.s. departed too quickly? >> i think that's for historian to discuss. i'm dealing with the current situation. >> maliki seemed to want the united states to leave. >> we have a parliamentary system in iraq. it's not just the prime minister. there was the will of the people and we have an immediate threat to deal now. >> you talk about an immediate threat. the president has said ultimately there still needs to be a political solution. do you think a political solution is possible? >> there is no other way but the political solution. >> you think sunnis and shi'as can govern together? >> we have been living together but you're not governing together? >> no, we have been.
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>> you don't think the prime minister just pushed out too many sunnis? >> we have an immediate threat. it's not called an iraqi uprising. it's called a terrorist threat, we have jihadists from other countries. this is not just an internal iraqi dispute. we have an international situation in iraq which need to be dealt with internationally but with the support of iraqis. >> this is bleeding into syria. is this now a regional threat? do you think other middle eastern countries will come to -- do you want to see iran's troops helping out? >> we need to deal with the current threat, which is a danger to everybody. the jihadists who are european and american passports are coming into iraq, they might go back and pose a threat to the u.s. so the situation is international but we are saying we have a legitimate government,
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we have democratic government, the community need to deal with us to deal with the current threat. >> you say the current threat and then negotiations maybe if it means maliki opening up elections again? >> no, no. the formation of the government -- >> wait a minute. the formation of the government was a mess, it was a complete and utter mess after the election. >> i'm not sure what information you have. the election is finished, we have a new parliament now, a new election, internationally and others have said it was a failed election. it was just a couple of months ago, the election. >> the initial time that maliki -- maliki didn't get the most votes and yet he didn't end up -- >> i don't want to go into that situation. >> you don't think any of that contributes to the instability today? >> i can find a lot of factors all directions as to what caused this. what we see in iraq is an immediate threat to the stability of the region. people are supporting the government and everybody else
6:19 am
now at this moment because they see that. >> okay. can you do this without the support of the u.s. military right now? >> we have a strategic framework with the united states, we have partnership. we have chosen the united states as a partner of choice. the united states has an immediate interest in iraq, we appreciate that. >> i understand that. can you deal with this without the help of the united states? >> there's always a transacti transactional cost associated with this. that's not effective for the united states, it's not effective for us. >> ambassador, i appreciate you coming in this morning. i know it's a tough time and i know you have family there and our prayers are with us. >> thank you. >> joining us, hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard. she served two years, including a year just outside of baghdad. good morning to you. >> good morning, chuck. >> when you ask what's going on in iraq, do you wonder whether the war was worth it? >> our going into iraq was a
6:20 am
huge mistake. there were many of my brothers and sister who lost their lives, who served honorably, who sacrificed everything in the service of trying to provide an opportunity to the iraqi people, to take charge of their own country, to establish a democracy, to have the tools to be able to really have a free country. i think what we're seeing now is really a symptom of the fact that no one can make this choice for that outcome, september for the iraqi people. this is what is very disturbing to me. i served in a medical unit when i was there in 2005 and saw on a daily basis the incredibly high cost on our u.s. troops. and now to see these iraqi troops who our service members trained and sacrificed to quip to shed their uniforms and walk away just shows the fact that no one can make this choice for them. they've got to own this and they've got to own their future.
6:21 am
>> do you think the united states has a moral obligation regardless of their position on the iraq war, the president doesn't believe we should have gone in and others like john mccain believed in the war and believed we should have been there much longer to keep stability, regardless of that, do you think because of the colin powell pottery barn rule, if you break it, you own it, do you believe we have an obligation to fix iraq? >> i think our first and foremost obligation is protecting our people and taking care of what's important in the united states. we've invested hundreds of billions of dollars, over 4,400 of our service members sacrificed their lives trying to equip and give the iraqi people the tools and the opportunity to determine their own future. this is exactly where we're at now and it makes no sense for us to consider going back there and
6:22 am
getting involved in what truly is a religious civil war. >> but it is also a security risk and obviously there's concern that you have these militants that gain a foothold. you heard the president himself saying that is of concern, that is a national security risk, you heard john kerry say so. we know the history, thousand-long civil war between sunnis and shi'as somewhere. these are artificial borders created somewhere in iraq. we know this history. but does the united states have to be the stabilizing force here in the middle east to prevent these insurgents from beingable to create their own islamic country? >> they're insurgents who are taking action and causing this upheaval in many countries in the middle east. we cannot nor should we attempt to be the world's police and try to plug all of these holes simply because it's not realist
6:23 am
realistic. it's not a realistic objective. we need to stay very focused on using our resources on dealing with direct and imminent threats and our interests. >> sounds like -- would you support even air strikes that the iraqi government is asking for? it sounds like you wouldn't. >> chuck, i would not. basic questions really would have to be answered in order to reach that conclusion. first of all, what is the objective? what are we trying to achieve? and would these limited air strikes actually achieve that? what real difference would it make on the ground and, secondly, is it in the best interest of the united states to do that? and i would say that those questions are not being answered in a compelling way that would cause me to support that. once again, this is a religious civil war, this is a situation that you discussed earlier where maliki has formed a government that has shunned and oppressed the sunni population in iraq and
6:24 am
this is where you have this conflict that continues today. >> do you think the president should come to congress before he does anything? >> generally the president should come to congress before taking any military action in a foreign country. >> and you want him to do that in this situation as well? >> yes. >> tulsi gabbard, one of the few combat veterans from this current -- these current wars in iraq and afghanistan that serves in congress, thanks for being on this morning. >> thanks, chuck. >> coming up, we're on the front lines of the humanitarian crisis, on the border. nbc's newest anchor jose diaz-balart is coming up. i'm their mom at the playground
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the department of homeland security is turning three military bases into emergency border patrol facilities, hoping to better handle this wave of children unaccompanied minors, that are crossing into the united states. homeland security second jay johnson says the government is providing humanitarian aid to children coming into the country without their parents. an estimated 47,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the border since october. most are vtrying to escape violence from government, el salvador. this video shows sick immigrants lying on a concrete floor. the aclu is filing a lawsuit on
6:29 am
behalf of these children. >> they are priorities for enforcement of our immigration laws regardless of age. >> legally the federal government is required to act, quote, in the best interest of the child. when it comes to this situation. bored are patrol must turn over children to hhs specialists within 72 hours. the children stay in group homes while workers search for their relatives or friends while they're here in the united states. the law that does not apply is d.a.c.a., the deferred action for childhood arrivals. >> those who cross into this country, even children, today, yesterday or tomorrow are not
6:30 am
eligible for d.a.c.a. treatment. >> telemundo network news anchor, who will soon to be my anchor partner, i'm having flashbacks to the days when we were flooded with haitian refugees during that war torn country. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: very similar thing, chuck. the difference is in this time the government is not allowing the press to go into the areas where these unaccompanied minors are being detained and processed. so we don't have a very good understanding of what exactly is going on in thee detention centers because we're not allowed in. so there are very many similarities. but, chuck, something else is
6:31 am
happening here. it's not just that people are fleeing from violence in their countries. el salvador hasn't had all of a sudden an explosion of violence that hasn't been going on in this country for decade, honduras, the same thing, guatemala the same thing. something else is happening. and if you do the math -- i've been speaking to a lot of people who have been crossing over being chuck, i've been talking to a lot of people. here's the issue. if you want to go to let's say el salvador to right here, texas, if you want to go with the v.i.p. people, it's going to cost you about $9,000. if you do it on the cheap, it's going to cost you $2,500. if you want to cross the border on the river behind me on a jet ski, that's going to cost you an additional $500, or $600. if you want a coyote to walk you over and take you to where the river is only knee deep, that's going to cost you about $200. if they think 90,000 unaccompanied minors are going to cross this border this year,
6:32 am
that means that someone on average is making about $450 million in cash. and that someone tends to be the coyotes. who do think work for? many times these narco organizations in mexico and in central and south america. something else is happening and i don't know exactly, to quote bob dylan, what it is. the political ramifications are one thing. the human aspect is extraordinarily painful. these kids leave their country, cross mexico and cross into here. yesterday it was 105 degrees out here, chuck. this is very, very critical. >> it's interesting you believe the narcos may be behind this -- by the way, i think it's dusty springfield, not dylan on that one -- >> "something happening, i don't know what to t is," that's
6:33 am
dylan. >> buffalo dylan. are they spreading false rumors about what u.s. policy is? that's another thing i hear the administration is concerned about. >> reporter: yes. in central america, the people who have been crossing -- they've all been told by the way. they all answer in lock step. why did you come? because of the crisis in my country. i can no longer live there. and it's true. they have huge gang problems. everyone speaks in lock step. no one mentions the fact that in central america, they're hearing if you come now, you will be allowed to stay. if you're a woman with a child or if you're an unaccompanied minor. >> and you believe every one of these folks had to pay money in order to make this trek. >> reporter: no one comes across for free. no one.
6:34 am
>> jose diaz-balart, i look forward to you becoming the person i hand the baton to. i know it's coming soon, next month. >> up next, eric cantor eakanca stunning primary defeat. what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too. when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at
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because it's tough on grease yet gentle. ♪ you by my side makes the little things so good ♪ ♪ be a part of the bigger picture. ♪ and your kindness makes ♪ the little things that you do for me ♪ go to dawnsaveswildlife. i've worked with all 434 other members of congress before. i can work with whoever gets elected. >> ah, yeah. of course we all believe he would like some tea partier has number two. where do we stand today? kevin mccarthy looks like california chrome ahead of the belmont, a heavy favorite in the race to replace eric cantor.
6:38 am
those texas candidates gone. kevin mccarthy may still have a fight on his hands. "the washington post" full rucker reports that labrador may run to the right of mccarthy and try to make thursday's vote a little more interesting. the last 48 hours have been a whirl wind for house republicans. >> i don't know any good policy or administrative reason why cantor should leave that position now rather than finish his job. there may be political reasons. political reasons are always morally inferior. >> there's still a close race we are watching. it's a three-way battle to take mccarthy's spot as house
6:39 am
majority whip, which his chief deputy, pete raskam is getting a look among his competition steve scalise. >> kelly, how are you? >> good morning. >> the tea party conservatives will blind quote leadership to death. they love to complain, moan to death but when the chips are down, they don't want to run? they love complaining but they don't want to lead? >> there was so little time by cantor stepping down, he created a much bigger hurdle for those
6:40 am
sort of noise makers to create any kind of operation because mccarthy had it built in. as the whip he knows everybody's phone number and birthday and first name of their spouse and had the votes in hand. he was able to launch quickly, which was helpful here. the noise making will continue. that's part of the process. we get to enjoy covering it but it's not going to change anything. >> kevin mccarthy friendly to reporters, loves sort of being in action but this guy is not a policy -- >> not at all. politics are politics. >> neither is boehner. how much we got the number one and number two guys not really big policy guys and the whole conservative movement is based on supposedly wanting more policy fights. >> remember, in theory cantor was supposed to be the guy -- >> he was more the meat. >> right. who was kind of the -- moving the water in a different way to different audiences, to different segments of the population. i mean, mccarthy, he knows roughly about as much about policy as i do, which is not a
6:41 am
whole heck of a lot. let's be honest. >> you're not complimenting him. >> no, it's not a compliment. this is a political guy. >> he should be rnc chair. >> that's all well and good. for someone like me or you, it's interesting. but you're now the second leader in the party and if boehner steps aside, whatever boehner does now, is he going to be the speaker? >> is that -- >> who else is there to challenge him? maybe if steve skalies gets the whip job -- >> you would call him the front-runner? >> ra -- roskim, he would be -- >> he's has those inroads.
6:42 am
>> isn't he the enemy? >> roskim has the relationship. but scalise would be the conservative right. >> how can they possibly -- eric cantor loses because they rise up and 48 hours later, kevin mccarthy, the most establishment guy ever is going to -- >> i understand how it worked behind the scenes. i really thought if you're speaker boehner, don't you keep your enemies close? if you're him don't you want a conservative in leadership in. >> i think when it comes to the
6:43 am
job of majority leader, which is so policy driven, you're managing every bill that comes to the floor. that's going to be a hurdle for mccarthy. he's going to have to build some new skill sets. those guys will fill i think some of the space. >> i think what's good for boehner here, he doesn't have to look over his shoulder and -- >> mccarthy is going to be speaking. >> now boehner is essentially more secure in his position now. >> and isn't going anywhere. >> mccarthy does have the support of paul ryan, and he's still the guru of the conference. >> these guys know more than i do about capitol hill. but when this thing came open -- when it was clear -- >> he's not so scary to the
6:44 am
establishment, i actually think i probably underestimated kevin mccarthy's political ability because to wrap it up -- kelly's right. he had a built-in whip organization. >> to be done now? would he move quick to be done now? >> he did it so quickly, right after the guy he was working got replaced. zit the first time he got a vote count in a while, right? >> whoa. >> kevin mccarthy's calling chuck todd. >> anything can happen. >> good to have you all. >> up next, what you haven't heard from nbc's exclusive sitdown with hillary clinton or the exclusive second sitdown with hillary clinton. and mitt romney sits down for a big interview. he'll give as you breakdown and
6:45 am
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can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. well, as you know, hillary clinton has been tackling just about every major domestic and foreign policy issue during her book tour, including some of the global problems that would fall into her lap as commander in chief. during an in-depth discussion with my colleague cynthia m mcfadden, she talked about the world. >> reporter: knowing what you know about the world, what keeps you up at night? >> these things keep me up, cynthia. first, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. that is the biggest threat that still faces us, and there are
6:49 am
rogue regimes like north korea, that are intent upon having a nuclear weapons program to once again demonstrate their strengths, although it's a real sign of weakness because they can't feed their own people. and then there are non-state actors that are constantly looking for nuclear, chemical, radiological weapons. that keeps me up. it's something we have to address and an area where the world community has to be united. secondly, i worry a lot like countries under putin that are trying to turn the clock back. we're living in an incredibly interconnected, complex world. we can all rise to do better, do better together, including our own country but particularly in relationship. it's one of my problems with iran. it's not just nuclear weapons, it's that they are a promoter of
6:50 am
terrorism. they send out agents all the time. i worry about poverty, i about human conditions, because it is not just that the world is so intere interdependent, but it is because a lot of the problems will come back to affect us if the united states does not lead and try to address them. >> and clinton tells nbc news that one of the hardest decisions that the obama administration addressed while she was secretary of state is confronting the war on syria, an issue which she and the president disagreed. >> there were lots of questions. i respect that. we debated it. i came with a plan that had been road tested by dave petraeus who was then director of ci, and supported by leon panetta at defense, but the president as i sa
6:51 am
said, he gets to make the decisions, and he was not convinced that it was right for any kind of an american involvement no matter even a small, you know, support program. so what we did was try to help with the humanitarian disaster, and the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into the country. >> well, it seem nos better. >> well w it is worse, because syria is a battleground for jihadists, and it has become a magnet for the extremists, and the poor moderates are badly outgunned, and are fighting literally to stay alive, and with iran supporting assad both through the revolutionary guard and most importantly sending units of hezbollah into battle on behalf of assad, it has set up this sunni shiite al low wit battle. >> and cynthia conducted that interview four days ago before
6:52 am
iraq blew up literally and figuratively with the issue, and with the syrian answer, that is a whole lot more complicated, because now essentially, there is no border between seyria and iraq. and trivia time, with more than 32 years on the job, henry byrd was the longest serving senator. w winner is charles hoskinson. the to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. ocuvite. alright, that should just about do it. excuse me, what are you doing? uh, well we are fine tuning these small cells that improve coverage, capacity and quality of the network. it means you'll be able t post from the breakroom. great! did it hurt? when you fell from heaven (awkward laugh) ...a little..
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6:56 am
sen tris ti. and he is considering a bid for governor in three years. >> and meet eileen feller-corn, and she has been in a state that has not had a woman governor. she has been working in the georgia public schools, and wanting to expand the workforce to more than 400,000 virginians. and also, state delegate barbara comstock, and the likely replacement for retiring congressman frank wolf, and it is going to be a tough race, because she is a senior justice department official, and cracked down on human trafficking laws and repealing the health care law is one of her promises, and again, she is one of the favorites to take frank wolf's seat. and finally, ryan mcdougal could be the next state republican floor leader and champion on on an array of bills, including tightening laws on street gangs
6:57 am
and firearm laws. keep an eye on both of the women we pointed out, because virginia is way behind when it comes to seeing women succeed in statewide office. that is it for this edition of "the daily rundown." and join us for chris's last edition of "jansing & company," as she comes right here in washington, d.c. to join our team. we will see you soon, chris. if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. ♪ ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot.
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la quinta! ♪ show 'em the curve. it's beautiful. it's more than that...'s perfect. introducing curved ultra high definition television from samsung. homecoming, sergeant bergdahl back on american soil, and a welcome still dogged by questions and controversy. meanwhile, baghdad is on hold as militants march in. and hillary clinton and politics. >> and now rick perry, an analogy which looks like a hangover from another time. >> and this happened, chris christie getting down


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